Pastor's Pen - November 2019

It seems like everywhere we turn we encounter criticism. We can hear it in questions that are asked. It can come in advice that is shared. It probably isn’t surprising since there is so much division in our society. When we see something being done differently than we would do it, we are quick to criticize.

However, we rarely, if ever, like to be criticized ourselves. It’s only natural to think the way we are going about doing something is the best way. Why would we want to hear someone else criticizing our methods? There must be a reason because scripture tells us:

“To one who listens, valid criticism is like a gold earring or other gold jewelry.” — Proverbs 25:12 (NLT)

One obvious takeaway from this verse is that God is trying to tell us something through the criticism of someone else. We are only going to think that and be okay with that as we allow the Holy Spirit to help us. We need to listen before we can even determine if there is any validity in the criticism we are given. Then we need the Spirit to help us see what God wants to do in us through criticism before we dismiss it. As we continue to take criticism, let’s not rush to dismiss or defend ourselves and miss what God might teach us through it.

In His Service,

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