Interceding for leaders and churches and for the Holy Spirit to draw all people to Christ.

Giving generously in order to expand the kingdom of Christ.

Mobilizing the church
in missions.

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R🧻LL Into Winter Toilet Paper Drive

Thank you to all who donated to our our toilet paper drive for Heart of Hope (HOH)! Together, we collected 843 rolls of toilet paper (63 packs)!

HOH's mission is to help Rock Island and the greater QC area by providing services needed by the hurting of our community.


School Pal-Paks  2022

The Church of the Nazarene operates numerous primary schools around the world, providing quality education for children. Unfortunately, children around the world often do not have the supplies needed for school.


In countries with economic challenges, families cannot afford to purchase supplies, or siblings are often required to share the supplies. In response to the need, Nazarene Missions International partnered with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. (NCM, Inc.) to provide School Pal-Paks. Similar to Crisis Care Kits, the Pal-Paks will be distributed by NCM, Inc. based on need and availability. Thanks to all who donated! We collected enough items to fill two boxes!

Baby Bottles for Life 2022:
Mother's Day to Father's Day Campaign

Thanks to all who helped fill up Pregnancy Resource Partners Baby Bottles!

Together we collected 17 bottles for change for life from Mother's Day to Father's Day!